Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 10.1

Got a headache today. Didn't feel like going grocery shopping, so it'll wait. The Husbear cleaned out the bank account again anyway. i swear he has the money management skills of a toddler. i never want to hear -again- that anyone but me should keep track of the money. i swear no bill would ever get paid. *affectionate laugh*

Late start on work today, though. i have to get the .pdf and .epub done today, but after that, The Beast Within will be out in the world, and off my desk!

The art came in for Skin and Bones. SO happy with it. Now i just need to get the text on it and up on the site. The work's already through edits. Resistance was sent off to content yesterday! Things might just lighten up. That makes me so happy!

...Master said today he's considering releasing Tai. It makes me sad, because i know Master cares about Tai deeply. However, i'm also...somehow relieved. Master needs less stress in His life. He's changed, or so i'm told. xavi had a conversation with me a few days ago, and it was much needed. he's a wonderful person. However, he's pulling away from Master. i don't want to see their relationship end, but xavi's hurting. he asked me to talk to Master about it when i talked about the 'sex thing', but i haven't found an opportunity to talk yet. Maybe tonight. *Sigh* i don't want to be in the middle of the Master/xavi thing. They're a good pair. i'm just worried about Master. Then again, that's kind of my job description. *laughs*

Ah, it'll be fine. i'm sure things will work out.

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