Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day 1.1

i was given an assignment today, to start a blog for my Sir.

Sweetie, I've decided what your first -project- is going to be. I want you to pick a writing program like MS Word or a blog site like Tumblr, and start a journal dedicated fully to you. It should include things that you've done that day, something funny, sad, or silly, something that made you angry or depressed, or just worth remembering. I'd like these entries to be nightly, probably right before bed- or small jabbering at any point in the day. Use as much detail as you can. You can include pictures, chatlogs, books, quotes, movies, anything you want. But I want it to be honest and heartfelt, even if it's just a fast "Hung out on IMVU with ____, ____, and ____ today. We sat around and goofed off as usual. Nothing else really happened, but it was a decent day."

I want to review these every seven days, preferably during review day until your trial is finished, to what ever end, or what have you. I'll give feedback, ask and answer questions, address and issues and we'll discuss them as needed. If you want to send me an entry early, that's fine. But I'd prefer a week by week, mass document. <3"

i've always failed at blogs and journals. It's not in me to remember to keep these kinds of things. i always feel like i have nothing to say of any import. i sit there and stare at the screen and all i see is whiteness, and it just feels like reruns.

But i'll try, for my Sir.

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