Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 13.1

The last few days have been a rush. i hit a manic and went super-productive.

For those just tuning in, i'm a manic depressive. It's a strange place, but it's home.

i had a unique perspective on my manic this time. It lasted for 2 days and i not only felt very productive, but aggressive as well. i was more comfortable in traditionally Dominant roles and found myself directing the household with peak efficiency. i even took a more active rather than passive role with Master. The submissive Guardsman or Protector is a role i'm usually pretty comfortable in, and the little Master has felt particularly needy and shota of late. i don't mind. It pleases me to make Him happy.

So, bills today. Only three days on the paycheck. It's going to be a bit tight.

Sinister this weekend! i'm going to wear my collar proudly for the first time. i could just dance.

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