Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 4.1

So, i missed yesterday. i was in bed before i went to bed, not online.

Yesterday, i did an awful lot of random work. Website touches, formatting dealies, etc. Filtering through emails. Sir was grouchy and went to bed. i got down. The Husbear was sent home from work early, and ended up doing something really nice for me.

He took me in, rubbed me down, made me laugh and smile. He's always known exactly what to do for me to make me happy again - twould be why i married the man. Got to talk to him about a lot of things. He's giving me a session for Valentine's Day. This makes me happier than i can say. His ex-girlfriend burned him out on D/s relationships. It's hard for him to muster feelings of Dominance, even though he loves me and that was part of our original relationship. i asked him how he felt about me having a Sir. He said that he knows he'll never be able to be there quite how i need someone to be, and that's he's happy i found someone. It made me ecstatic. There were some fun times, and by the time fun was over, i was exhausted and passed out.

So today, i'm running away. i'm going to work with the Husbear. There's nothing that can't be accomplished tomorrow, and i'm possessed of a terrible dunwanna in favor of spending a day with him, while he wants me.

Jimmy's formatting, the covers, and the .epub can just freaking wait.

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